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Trading for over 90 years.

When a company is in business for over 90 years, it experiences many changes.  Interestingly enough Fox & Gunn Ltd has only had four managers during this time.

From Frank Fox starting the business in 1929, company managers Ian Gunn, Rodney Fox and Ken Russell have continued the same direction and attitude for over 85 years, and Fox & Gunn Ltd continues to go from strength to strength.

Mr Frank Fox Mr Ian Gunn


1929-1939  Frank Fox, a manufacturers agent began the business in a small office at 54 Custom St, Auckland.  Some of his agencies during this decade were Walworth International Pipe Company, Martin Bright Steels, Goodall Pratt Micrometers, Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Company and Duly & Hansford Bolt & Nut.

1939-1949  The war years were a matter of survival, selling anything you could get your hands on.  In 1946, Fox & Gunn Ltd was formed with Ian Gunn (then the General Sales Manager of J J Niven Co.).  Frank Fox left the business and Ian, with a part-time representative and the new agency of Turner Bros Asbestos (TBA) worked on finding and selling whatever products they could get.

1949-1959  With the new Stahlwille agency, it was hard work selling German tools when the factory had a 2 year delivery time.  This was what Ian had to do.  Rodney Fox joined in 1956 coming from his training ground at Kidd Garrett.  Rodney Fox started off with long trips throughout New Zealand in a Morris Minor.  Total staff: 3.

1959-1969  With new agencies of Stabila Levels and Angesa Scissors & Floats saw a period of growth, much to the youthful enthusiasm of young Rodney Fox and the post-war shortages.  In 1966, Rodney Fox bought Ian Gunn’s share with loans from the company’s principals now in offices in the T & G building.

1969-1979  This was a period of substantial growth with the company moving from the T & G building into a warehouse in Spring St, Ponsonby.  New agencies held were Tube Investments, Helmet Pipe Fittings and Elephant Chain Blocks.  Branches opened in Wellington and Christchurch.  Ken Russell joined in 1975 as a Sales Representative.  Total staff: 12

1979-1989  This was another period of growth, even during the wage/price freeze.  Additional business was found in boat building materials, steel, pipe fittings and engineering and hardware tools.  Harder times were felt in the later 80s.  Total staff: 17

1989-1999   In 1992, the company moved to it’s current premises at Te Apunga Pl, Mt Wellington which included a larger warehouse.  Rodney Fox retired as Managing Director in 1993 and Ken Russell took over the role.  The Frost and P&N cutting tools brands were introduced along with an association with FAG Bearings.  The Wellington and Christchurch branches were closed as freight could be delivered in a reasonable time.  Total staff: 22

1999-present  Another period of growth with new agencies of Bordo Cutting Tools, King Tony Tools, Arlube Lubrication and Gartner Hardware.  Growth has also been experienced in the electrical, plumbing and hardware industries.  Total staff: 32




Fox & Gunn is a wholesale/manufacturers agent selling through industrial, electrical, plumbing, automotive, hardware and building suppliers.

Fox & Gunn sells only to it’s distributors and does not supply end users or the public.  Fox & Gunn are the exclusive New Zealand agents for most of the products it sells.  Fox & Gunn products are available from distributors in every city and town throughout New Zealand.